Russian Girl Perfectly Sings Bisrock Song “BISAN PA”

Cebuanos have gone crazy with Bisrock songs sometime in 2002. It was phenomenal back then. Wherever you go, you hear bisrock songs. That was the time when different bisrock bands were sprouting like mushrooms. I too supports our local artists, I’m also a big fan of Bisrock songs. I remember playing the CD (I’m not sure if we have MP3s back then) once in a while if I feel like hearing “Chinita, Forever,Gugmang Giatay and of course this phenomenal song “Bisan Pa”.

But after years of entertaining Cebuanos with these enchanting music, Bisrock songs have gone like bubbles in the air. There might still be a few radio stations playing and a few who are listening to these songs, but Bisaya local bands are not as noisy than they were.

It was not until a Russian a girl, Anna Rabtsun and an American acoustic artist David DiMuzio recorded a beautiful and a perfect rendition of one of the bisrock songs that truly makes every Cebuano proud .

As I scour the net, I learned that David has done a lot of captivating renditions of different Filipino songs like , “With a Smile” by Eraserheads, “Balisong” by Rivermaya and  “So Slow” by Freestyle.  Anna also has an awesome rendition of  “Pananatili” by Hangad which she performed with her Filipino friends.  Both also had a duet of the song “Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko“.. How cool is that?

Now, these two cool guys perfectly give a new life to the song, “Bisan Pa”. Despite the differences in language, Anna and David interpreted the song without a heavy tone of the Bisaya dialect. It’s really perfect! It’s jaw-dropping! Believe me…

So, I won’t hold you long.. Here’s an impressive and awesome rendition of “Bisan Pa” by Anna and David. Drum roll please…;)

So, how was it guys? Do you love them now?  Did you enjoy it? Is this something that you can be proud of?

Let’s enliven bisrock songs by sharing this video NOW!


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