Northern Cebu Relief Campaign: An Overwhelming Experience

The terrifying nightmare caused by Yolanda gathered many people around the world to work together as one. People are helping each other in any ways  that they can which enliven the Bayanihan spirit of every Filipino, including our friends in different parts of the globe. In times of great distress,people don’t see no reasons not to help regardless of one’s age and capabilities. 

NOTE: Please don’t be too picky on the pictures. I only took them with my phone and I don’t have time to edit them. 😀 

Helping doesn’t require age. Jb, an 8-year old kid voluntarily extended help in repacking the relief goods.

Even a 9-month pregnant offered help too.

Even a 9-month pregnant woman took her part too.

The heartbreaking news on people crying and pleading for help tore every person’s heart. Others cry continuously because they lost the whole family, while others weep in despair of finding their missing loved ones. There are also thousands of people who appeal for immediate relief especially food and water after they were left with empty stomach for several days.

The uncertainty is replaced with hope every time they receive relief goods from people.

The uncertainty is replaced with hope every time they receive relief goods from people. PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Yapching

Starvation occurred when establishments including fast food  chains were wiped out by Yolanda's wrath.

There is great starvation when different establishments including carenderias were wrecked by Yolanda’s wrath.                                                 PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Yapching

We Were Able to Raised 33K Pesos In Less Than a Week

Monday,when I saw different pictures and videos of the victims who are lowly and homeless, I took the initiative of asking help from people in my community. Right there and then, I posted in Facebook informing them that my boyfriend and I are willing to collect donations to those who are unable to go to the city to send their donations.

People are struggling to look for food and potable water.

People are struggling to look for food and potable water. 

How life goes on when you don't have a house to stay on warm days and cold nights?

How will life goes on when you don’t have a house to stay on warm days and cold nights?

There echoes a cry for help after you see the helplessness on their faces.

The first day of our relief operation was very challenging. There were only a few who sent their contributions. Because of that, I was forced to give up my work during that week so that I can focus in coordinating with different people.

We started with a few boxes. Not bad though. :)

We started with a few boxes only. Not bad though. 🙂

Tuesday came and a few more donations came too. When I opened my mail, I rolled my eyes when I saw monetary assistance sent in my paypal account. One $200 and one $150. Because of that overwhelming response from my friends here and abroad, I was even more encouraged to continue what I have started.

Blessings keep pouring in..

Wednesday, I withdrew the money and bought 2 sacks of rice, noodles, canned goods, biscuits, matchboxes, bars of soap and shampoos. We were supposed to send the 66 relief packs to Northern Cebu on the following day but there are a lot of people who requested for an extension. Hence,I decided to postpone it on Saturday that week.

Thursday, another boxes of canned goods and noodles came. I was very happy because I even received money from people I am not really close with. Day by day blessings keep pouring in. From Wednesday til Friday, we were very busy going to and fro the grocery store buying boxes of goods and sacks of rice. Thursday night, a group of friends also offered financial help. There are some who sent money and some who bought boxes of relief packs.  Friday, two of my highschool classmates handed me cash too. One of our neighbors also sent 80 bottles of mineral water and my cousin also sent cans of biscuits,sardines and 100  pieces noodles.

With the outpouring help from people, we were able to gather 300+ relief packs.

The bountiful blessings that we received from different people allowed us to help around 300 families from the three municipalities (Sta.Fe, Bantayan, and Madredejose) of Bantayan,Island. Not that much compared to others, but at least something the victims were happy about.

Our Northern Cebu Relief Campaign Operation won’t be a success had it not been to people who unselfishly shared their blessings to the victims.

Thank you for all your help!

 Monetary help from our friends here and abroad.

Thank you also to those who sent their in-kind donations..

  • Espanola Family
  • Janice and Joe Adanza Family
  • Doria – Templa Family
  • Evelyn Alicabo
  • Guttierez Family
  • Rolet & Rico Tapic Family
  • Ruby & Melvin Alberto Family
  • Dionaldo Family
  • Leah LingaoLingao Family

I can’t thank God enough for touching the hearts of these people who showed generosity and kindness to the victims of Yolanda.

P.S : The next blog will detail our Bantayan Island Relief Campaign Operation. Keep posted for updates. 🙂 In the meantime,please like us on Facebook.


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