Christmas Party For The Kids in DaanBantayan

Christmas is the most awaited occasion for most of us specially the kids. For them, it means giving and receiving gifts, attending Christmas parties, seeing Santa Claus (they are happy even with mascots), and eating a lot of candies and chocolates.

Now, after Yolanda wrecked many houses and claimed many lives, I wonder how some people in Northern Cebu feel about the occasion. Do they have sufficient food for Christmas and for the New Year? Are they going to celebrate Christmas at home or in the evacuation centers? How about the kids? Do they do caroling too in the middle of the night even without electricity? Do they have Christmas parties too when their classrooms were roofless? Are they even excited about exchanging gifts? Do they really feel the spirit of Christmas even without Christmas lights on the street?

Many families lost their homes.

These uncertainties are something that pushed me and my friends to organize a Christmas Party for the kids who were greatly affected by the super typhoon. Instead of celebrating our barkada’s year-end party, we have decided to share our blessings to the kids in Daanbantayan.

We first collected Php2,700 only. I was worried because I know it won’t suffice to feed 80 kids. Hence, I decided to post it on Facebook to encourage people as well to help too. After that, we received pledges and monetary assistance from our friends here and abroad.

So a big thank you to these people:

Hyiecent Abastas – Php 1,000.00

Wilsoneil Cabase – Php 2,000.00

Xela Guttierez- Cetore – Php 1,000

Reyna – Php 500.00

Mary Jay – Php 500.00

Rocelyn – Php 200.00

Iana – Php 200.00

Ron Dionaldo – Php 500.00

Marilou Tapic – Php 500.00

Vanessa Delfino – Php 1,500.00 and toys

Reyna’s friends – candies and toys

The poster that we used in gathering donations. :)

The poster that we used in gathering donations. 🙂

The boys and the princess (Celine) =)

The boys (From Left: Ron, James, Kim, Quin, Lexis, Harvey, and Ryan) and the princess (Celine) ^_^

The girls (From Left: Celine, Jay-Jay, Iana, Reyna)

The girls (From Left: Celine, Jay-Jay, Iana, Reyna)


Reyna's friends (Raul and Jordan)

Reyna’s friends (Raul and Jordan)

We went there yesterday (December 21,013). We prepared a simple party and cooked Spaghetti, hotdog with marshmallow, slice bread and juice for them.

Cooking with logs. It's MORE FUN in the Philippines!

 It’s MORE FUN cooking with logs. 😉

Hotdog for the kids..

Hotdog for the kids.. 

A festive spaghetti party..

A festive spaghetti party..

Kids simple joys…

We also prepared games, prizes and tokens. Instead of giving them loot bags, we have decided to wrap the goodies and toys with Christmas wrappers so that they would feel receiving something this Christmas too. All in all, we were able to give 90 kids.

What is essential for kids this Christmas is receiving gifts.

What is essential for kids this Christmas is receiving gifts.


We are celebrating our simple Christmas party in the middle of those logs and broken houses. 😉 

For the games to be well organized, we assigned each kid a name tag with a specific color. There were four teams : Pink team, blue team, red team and Yellow team. Each team has two leaders (from our barkada) who will guide the kids.

The kids listening to the game mechanics.. :D

Feel young. Be free and play.. 🙂


This kid noticed Harvey taking pictures so he is making funny faces too… LOL..Kiat kaayo ug nawng!  🙂


Pokpok palayok round 2. 😀 


And they wouldn’t care being bathed with flour as long as they can get those candies and pennies.. 🙂 

And they wouldn't care taking their shirts off too just to win the game..

And they wouldn’t care taking their shirts off too just to win the game..

They wouldn't care lying near a pig pen just to win the longest line... And these kids are way too funny... LOL!

Much as they won’t care lying near a pig pen just to win the longest line… LOL!

It might be one of the most strenuous parties I organized, but it was all worth the body pains and headaches. Despite the bumpy road, everything still went flawlessly.

I can’t thank God enough for touching the hearts of those people who unselfishly helped us in this cause. I can’t thank God  enough for not giving us a heavy rain. I can’t thank God enough for my friends who never think twice of supporting me in this initiative. I can’t thank God for giving us a safe ride. I can’t thank God for all these.

My SUPER friends...Kiat pero mga buotan! :)

My SUPER friends…Kiat pero mga buotan! 🙂 Not everyone’s in the pic though… 

The kids were happy but I am the happiest after seeing their smiles and hearing their laughters.

There might be storms in life that will wreck us, but always remember that there is always a rainbow after the rain. This might not be as grand as other children’s parties, but this is the most fulfilling party I’ve ever organized.

Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous New Year! 🙂


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