The Travel Bug

I don’t have all the money to conquer the world but I’m a certified travel bug. Yes, a travel bug as what my mother used to call me “kuyog baboy”. That odd word is no longer weird for me because I’ve been hearing since the time my mama tags me along wherever she goes. (I would cry really hard or hide her bag elsewhere if she leaves me.) My Sunday routine with her to the wet market and my city lights experience every time she brings me to her office made me more obsessed in exploring new places, discovering new things, and meeting and greeting new people.

Indeed, I got these itchy feet to wander around. This fascination teaches me to save money for my Saturday adventures with friends. This became the starting line of my journey which allows me to discover the beauty of my own home –Cebu. I’m in the height of bliss when I go to a new place, see beautiful sceneries, take pictures and enjoy a good taste of new food.  A perfect holiday for me is when I sit on a beach seeing the sun sets gracefully. I’m happy, fulfilled and just lucky to savor all these in a beautiful island of Cebu – the paradise I’ve been so in love with for 23 years of my life. If you haven’t touch base Cebu, prepare your backpacks now. Travelling in a place rich with wonderful highlights needs not be expensive.

This blog is my pursuit to happiness. I want to shout to the world how wonderful Cebu is. I want to uphold the exceptional destinations of my very own province – Cebu (The Queen City of the South). I want to showcase the scrumptious cuisines that we enjoy to the mouth-watering street foods that we take pleasure in. I want to promote the good name of Cebu not just as a great tourist destination, but as a newly-industrialized city ready to welcome foreign investors across the globe.

Going to different places was once a little girl’s dream. (That little girl who was once called a “travel bug”.) But putting the name of Cebu to the limelight is that little girl’s trance.


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